We Use Non-GMO, Non-Soy, UnMedicated & Pesticide Free Feed for our Farm Fresh Natural Eggs

Our Non-GMO Eggs

We Use a Custom Blended Non-Soy, Non-GMO, UnMedicated & Pesticide Free Feed
From Texas Natural Feeds .com

Brown Eggs

Rhode Island Reds are our main jumbo brown egg layers.

Tan Eggs

We have a variety of large egg layers giving us brown to light brown shells.

Speckled Eggs

Our Welsummers give us the dark speckled brown eggs we love so much.

Tinted Eggs

We have Araucana & Ameraucana breeds that give us wonderfully colored eggs.

Texas Natural Eggs

Why Choose Non-GMO, Pesticide Free Eggs?
Healthy Food Leads to Healthier Life

We are a small farm and we take pride in our NON-GMO natural eggs. Since we are a small farm we have limited quantities of eggs daily. All eggs sold to the public are fresh daily, usually the same day as the eggs are laid. After 7 days we no longer sell those eggs... That is the guarantee we promise for all our eggs sold.

Standard eggs sold in supermarkets are up to 60 days old when the store gets them!

NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE eggs are healthier than traditional commercial eggs. Pesticides are poisonous. Over time that poison builds up in our bodies and can cause serious health risks. Genetically modified corn and other organisms (GMOs) are suspected to cause all kinds of environmental issues that we do not want to support, and there is no telling what those genetic modifications do to our bodies... Why risk it?

  • Tan Eggs

    60% of our daily fresh eggs come from Barred Plymouth Rocks, Speckled Sussex & Rhode Island Red mixes. Large to jumbo sized eggs.

  • Brown Eggs

    20% of our daily fresh eggs come from a Rhode Island Red mix and Barnevelders. Generally these are jumbo sized eggs.

  • Tinted Eggs

    10% of our daily fresh eggs come from our Araucana & Ameraucana hens. They are medium to large sized eggs and taste great.

  • Speckled Eggs

    10% of our daily fresh eggs come from our loved Welsummer hens. These fresh eggs are a little smaller but heavy for their size.

We Love Our Chickens!

Healthy Chickens Equal Healthier Fresh Eggs Daily
Meet a few of our girls and read their story
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Rhode Island Red
Gimpy had a broken leg when we got her and at first we didn’t think she would be strong enough to make it with the flock, but she has really shown us wrong! She is a great layer and we love her! She limps still but the leg is healed now and she is healthy and strong.
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Speckled Sussex
Sweety was a day old chick when we got her and grew into a lovely hen. We‘re still not sure why, but she lost the use of her legs and almost died. Maybe she suffered a snake bite? We nursed her back to health having to feed and water her by hand for a long time. Now she is walking and good as ever!
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Barred Plymouth Rock
Trouble is just that: Trouble! She has a knack for escaping the run in the morning before we let the rest of the girls free range and then lays her egg in hard to find places. She also likes to follow you around and beg for treats! She even steals our daughter‘s food right from her hand!
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Rhode Island Red Cross
Broody was named because she was our first brood hen. She stayed on several eggs for 3 weeks until they hatched. We brought food and water to her thinking she would starve! Cross breeds don’t make good moms though; we saved the chicks because she abandoned them a week later!

Our Non-GMO Eggs Locally

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